Making My Friend's Wife Pregnant

I met this guy (let's call him Bob) on one of my frequent visits to the Seattle area. Bob always talked about how hot his wife was and, as I got to know him better, he let on that he had this fantasy of seeing another man with her. She'd always been a free spirited type and apparently had taken lovers in the past. But she'd never directly shared the experience with Bob.

The other thing was that they wanted another baby, and try as they might, she couldn't seem to get pregnant by Bob. It wasn't her--she was a fertile as a squirrel, according to the doctors--it was Bob's count. So there was some additional incentive there for them to bring in an "outside consultant".

So it was with some trepidation that I agreed to dinner at their house on evening. Men sometimes think this is a cool thing, only to feel differently when the time comes. Or they feel jealous when their wife is kissing on another guy. So I was nervous. When I arrived, Bob greeted me at the door. We shook hands and then he invited me in to meet the wife.

Heather was something. Long blonde hair with pert, sizeable breasts decorating her short frame. She was wearing a black, knee-length dress and I could tell she had no bra on. She had the most amazing smile and this mischievous look never left her eyes as we embraced.

All through dinner we made small talk, the tension in the room rising and rising. She sat between Bob and I. They would hold hands or touch during the meal. But she was clearly flirting with me as well. Stolen glances and a little foot traffic under the table made me aware that she was not only interested, but looking forward to knowing me better. As dinner wound down, she asked Bob, "Honey, would you come help me with something for a minute."

The went into the bedroom and closed the door while I cleared the table, wondering what was up. Perhaps she had cold feet? Perhaps it was something else? I wasn't sure. But after a couple of minutes, Heather returned. She was barefoot and she walked with a sway to her hips and a coquetish grin on her face.

"Did you know," she started, "that my ovulation predictor kit says I'm very fertile today." By now she had walked up to me and was looping an arm around my waist. "And," she continued, "it is so good of you to help Bob and I out with this. You have nothing to fear: I have him all safe and secure."

She drew me toward the room. It was clearly the guest bedroom. The bed covers were drawn back and there were scented candles burning. On the nightstand was lube and oil and an EPT ovulation predictor box, opened and clearly used.

Bob was there too. He was naked and seated in a chair. His wrists and ankles were tied to the chair with expert-looking knots in nice thick cotton cord. But I had no time for Bob's issues, because Heather was in my arms and I found myself responding to her embrace with a kiss. Her lips were warm and soft and her tongue darted and teased mine. Her hands were a dervish of activity, loosening my clothes and feeling my chest.

And I'll be honest, my hands were doing some devilish things too. For under that dress, Heather was wearing nothing at all. And to feel the curves of her body naked against my hands was a delight.

"What are you going to do about Bob," I asked. "Is he going to watch?"

Heather looked over at Bob and smiled, "I got you all worked up before, didn't I, dear? You know I love you so much. But he feels so good. I need him to **** me now and give me a baby. Mmm... and he feels so delightfully ready..."

Her hand was stroking my **** as she said that last bit. But I wasn't to be hurried. I felt between her thighs and found her opening, touching it gently, stroking the soft **** nestled inside. I could feel her wetness, her wanton need.

"He's getting me so turned on, Bob, honey. It's so dangerous right now. You know my ripe egg is waiting up inside me. Ooooh!"

She sighed and moaned to each touch. I finally pushed the dress over her head and tossed it aside. She was revealed to me, huge breasts with lascivious nipples, a curving belly, creamy thighs. Our kisses were violent now, hungry.

"I'm so fertile, honey, and he feels so good."

My face was between her thighs now, tasting her sweet opening. Her cream was stringy and had that perfect consistency that showed her cervix was open for my seed. Her hands were in my hair as I licked and my fingers touched her most delicate spots. She kept moaning to Bob, over and over, "He's making me so horny." or "I can't stand it. I'm going to take his seed" and such like.

Finally, I began to work my way up her body. Those tremendous breasts were so inviting, with their puffy nipples desiring attention. But Heather was having none of it. She was ready and wanting to be ******. Our tongues tangled again as I positioned myself. I'm a tall guy--taller even than Bob's 6'3"--and she was maybe five feet.

I ask her, "Reach down and feel my ****, baby. I want you to put my babymaker in your fertile *****. Tell your husband how it feels."

"It's all warm and hard. It feels so good. I gotta have it, honey. I gotta have it in me... I'm going to take it into me!"

I asked her: "You going to carry my baby, honey? You ready for me to knock you up? Put my hard **** in your *****, babe. MMmmm... yes... so good. I'm sorry, man, I have to breed your wife right here and now... right here in front of you. Tell him, babe..."

And Heather said: "Oh god, honey, I love you so much... but he's going to breed me now."

And she's looking, mischieviously into Bob's eyes as the two of us move faster and faster together. I could feel Bob's eyes on us, seeing her **** heaving, seeing her obvious joy in the act of it. Her nipples were starting to clench and her body flush. But she still held her eyes on Bob, watching us *******.

I think then that Bob realized that it was almost too late. He struggled to get out of the chair, but the knots held him in. He could see my balls tightening, see that I was getting closer and closer. With each stroke now she was going "oh... ooooh...", so far beyond words, but she was still smiling and trying to look into Bob's eyes. For the first time, though, she turned her attention to me.

"That's it... sooo goood. Put that baby in me. It's okay. *** in me, lover. Plant your fertile seed in my waiting womb."

Suddenly I could no longer hold back. Swelling up to the point of new return, her hot words sent me over the edge. I pressed deep inside her, still, firm, and deep and, groaning hard, felt my body pumping gout after gout of *** into her. At first, her eyes were closed hard in the pleasure my warmth shot into her. But then Heather looked over, deep into Bob's eyes, smiling, her mouth hanging open, her thighs wide open as she accepted my cream into her waiting womb.
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husband allowed this because he had terminal cancer and wanted wanted best friend to take of his family both wife and children through marrage in time

Very hot!

Very hot story and a very hot woman by the sounds of Heather and I'm sure Bob was so hard and horny he almost shot his load watching you two. I hope you gave them the baby they wanted and you guys are still friends. Please tell us the results of your baby making.

Well Bill I can't impregnate her but I'd sure as hell do my best to seduce her and send her home well ****** with a nice big hot thick load of my *** dripping out of her ***** for you. And I do live very close to Denver, I work in Denver.