Bad Luck As Always

My life always sucks and somehow is a failure. When I studied in Uni, my father's gambling habits forced me to drop my beloved course. I looked for jobs every day after that and tried to get some money for my family. When I looking for jobs, it's always hard for me to get one. But now when I actually get a part time job, the damn financial crisis is coming. We are still renting and haven't got much money in the bank. I always dreaming a full time and a better life, which now seem to be hard to be realized.

necronomicon necronomicon
22-25, M
1 Response Mar 21, 2009

try something different instead of being worried and thinking it won't work. visualize yourself in the situation that you want and picture the best case senscenrio. see the best and keep doing it until it becomes reality. you can change how your life by how you think.