Shorter The Better

I think every woman should experience what you have experienced. I'm a guy with the same emotion. My wife pointed to the stool where I sat as she shaved my head. I then used the clippers, no guards and sheared her head just as yours. The love making has never been so intense. I love the feeling of my bear head against her skin, and her sheared head creates unimaginable sensations when she applies it appropriately. You are an inspiration. We love your bare head.
nadmot nadmot
61-65, M
4 Responses Oct 13, 2011

Very nice to see a husband and wife with buzz cuts.

I loved buzzed girls, I think they look so very cute, the way it brings out their eyes and gorgeous slender necks, its such a turn on, of course they need to be petite to carry this look off in the first place otherwise they just look like guys... yuk !!

So many people miss out on the experience of kissing and licking a smooth freshly shaved head. It is so erotic for both lovers. The same goes for a closely buzzed head. Although a different sensation, rubbing and nuzzling that velvety peach fuzz is such a turn on

True intimacy!