Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes!!!!!!!!!

Yes I want a new tattoo =)

I already have 2 (Nirvana Smiley and a Celtic Swirl I liked, I think I still have em in my pictures), but I REALLY want a new one.

I have been thinking of getting some words this time, maybe some lines off a song (and I can bet you can guess who will have sung the lines HEHEHEHE). I have a couple of ideas, now all I gotta do is choose the font........

TheWanderingSupertramp TheWanderingSupertramp
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8 Responses Mar 11, 2010

I strongly advise against getting band or song tattoos. Just because you like it now doesn't necessarily mean you will in the future.

Wow. well get whatever you want that you are sure to not regret later =)


:O<br />
luckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!heh heh

Hey , at the rate your going, I'll have 3 before your first HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (jokes)

tsk im gonna say reece has two i should have one at least hmm*shake head*

HAHAHAHAHAHA 2 actually Amy, one on each calf =)<br />
Hurry up and get it then. They don't hurt (unless you go over alot of bone)

u already have? u r sooooooooooo lucky!!!! i want one tooooooooooo!!!!!!!<br />
tsk..*shake head* then wish u get a new one soon :)