Has anyone here had a nose job?

I am thinking about getting a nose job, I am very unhappy with my physical appearance. PLEASE, no lectures on accepting myself and being pretty on the inside, i am at the end of my ropes and I really can't take it any more. So here are my questions to anyone who has had anose job...

Did any one who didn't already know notice?

Is it possible to get a nose job without people noticing, even people as close to you as family and friends?

MIND YOU,I want VERY SUBTLE changes! Is it possibe to get a very subtle nose job that will balance out my face and make my nose more proportionate without ANYONE noticing? Dont tell me this is a stupid question because i've heard cases of this happening, i just want to go further into my research and find out if its possible
Sillymee Sillymee
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I had one 15 years ago, when I was about 30. It was the best thing I ever did. My nose was way too big for my face, and I was very shy and reserved because of it. I wore too much makeup to balance my nose with the rest of my face. After, I felt much more confident, I wear almost no makeup now, and my new nose fits my face perfectly and looks like it has always been there. It also changed my overall look from very dark, serious to lighter and perkier. and I feel like my personality changed in much the same way. You have to really look and examine why you want it, and whether or not your present nose really doesn't fit your face. Best of luck.

Hi Sillymee <br />
no I have not had a nose job<br />
yes you have a great name!<br />
do what squigglefish says - another great name!<br />
Good luck.<br />