I recently saw an ad for prostate massase in my area and called. I spoke with Jamie, who sounded very perky and said she was very pretty. She said she'd been doing prostate massage for a few years. She said for her own protection, she couldn't give me too much info over the phone. I'm curious, obviously. What experiences have people had with prostate massage?
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Like to give a PM more than get :)

Would love to find a woman to do this for me....

Does anyone have any pain associated with this? I have tried this many times but it is always painful going into my rectum. The actual prostate feels much better after doing it for several days in a row, just a little painful upon insertion. I do use a lube as well.

I get one every year at my annual medical physical. The last two years my full physical has been with a Nurse Practitioner. She was very thorough with the prostate exam as well as examining my testicles and pulling back my foreskin to check my glans. It actually was a little arousing and I did start to grow just a bit. I wouldn't mind finding someone to give me a bit of a prostate massage at times. Maybe when I have a new GF.

A friend likes to give PM to other guys and did it to me .... I gave him PM in return<br />
<br />
We meet occasionally and carry out mutual PM<br />
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It is a good extension for massage and essential part of tantric sex

Thanks for your feedback. How did you get started with prostate massage?

Hi Hagfish - I enjoy both giving and receiving prostate massage - it is intensely enjoyable and can have various properties from highly arousing to deeply relaxing!!!A few times I have ********** during prolonged and intense prostate massage

I would love to have one, if you are interested let me know please