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I used to weigh 350 lbs. I have been large most of my life. I always "carried " my weight well though and people never could imagine that I was as heavy as I was. In 2002 the weight began to come off....very rapidly. So fast in fact that it scared me and I went to see two different doctors. Neither could find anything wrong with me and came to the conclusion that my metabolism had "kicked in". The truth is, doctors have always been impressed that in spite of my weight I didnt have any of the problems that usually accompany it (high blood pressure, cholesterol, sugar, etc.). I lost down to about 215 lbs and maintained that weight until about 2007 when it started to slowly climb again. I have not reached my former weight, but I have a BMI (body mass index) of 39-40. I discussed gastric surgery, and the band was recommended over the bypass because the bypass can have so many problems and complications associated with it. I am nearly 42 years old, I have developed arthritis in my hip, and I have a family history of diabetes and heart disease...though I am fortunate to still have good health. I want to have this done to help me take this weight back off and prevent these things from happening. I plan to put this all into motion in the near future....I must wait abit though because though I have insurance to help with the cost, Iam unable to afford the money they dont cover just yet. Soon I will have the stomach band and once again be thin(ner) as well as have a healthier future.

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Not really....but I dont get to make love very often at all. you know how many calories is burnt up making love for an hour?

I appreciate that suggestion. Actually the surgery is not that invasive (only a small incision). There are some other factors involved in my making this decision, but I appreciate your input.

Can I offer a suggestion that may not be as drastic?<br />
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Before you get yourself cut open try finding a gym with CERTIFIED personal trainers. They can help find a weight training and cardio regime, diet and such that could help keep you moving and take the weight off.<br />
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I was once just a mere 4 BMI points away from morbid obesity and within one year I lost 10 clothing sizes by eating clean, and making the gym my religion.<br />
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If you wish I can offer some of my knowledge wisdom and experience in being successful, even to the point of getting a competitors body.