I Do?

There a certian verse in the Bible, I think it is Leviticus 17:27, which people (I used to be one of them) swear up and down says, "Do not get tattoos".  From what I heard, a more accurate translation from the ancient Hebrew would be, "Do not cut yourselves in rememberance of the dead."  Cutting themselves in remembrance of the dead was a Canaanite ritual.

I do not currently have any tattoos. I have not ruled out the possibility of getting tattoos in the future, but right now it probably isn't even on my top 100 priorities list.   Other than not being to pay for it, the main reason I do not yet have any tattoos, is because I can not think of anything that means SO much to me that I want it permamently drawn/ written on my skin.  
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Amen. I share these same thoughts.