Mother And Daughter Tattoo

My daughter is turning 18 soon and we are going to get a tattoo together. It's a mother and daughter type of thing, so it will be the same tattoo for both of us. We've been trying to come up with some ideas.

Any suggestions from my EP friends? It needs to be something small.

My daughter and I decided on an orange lily with two stones. On each stone will be each of our zodiac signs.
Lily meaning: Development, Growth, Progress, Freedom
Orange meaning: vitality with endurance. It's also known as a power color that brings positive energy.

Putting it on the tops of our feet, because this is the path that we will walk together from now on. Lots of changes coming soon, so it's quite fitting. We'll be getting it drawn up in a couple of days
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I love tattoos myself, I have 3 and would love to get more. Is this a 1st for you? The thought of having a tattoo with your daughter sounds so loving & a beautiful bond. I really like what you chose.

It will actually be my third, but my daughter's first. We are getting it done this coming Friday. :-)

Sounds like you found the perfect embellishment.

sounds really nice!!! look forward to hearing how it goes.....good luck .....and best wishes for your upcoming changes.....

You two aren't riding Harleys there are you? lol. Just kidding. I like perpetuating sterotypes! ;)

My wife has quite a number of tats, four or five, and it took me seven years to get her to ride ***** on my bike, her first motorcycle ride.

Well, if we had one, we probably would. My daughter and I enjoy a good ride on a Harley every once in a while.

My daughter just did a fundraiser at a Gypsy rally and rode there and back on a bike with friends. I grew up some what around bikers. Banditos to be exact. Well, I was friends with their kids and my mom hung with the Banditos from time to time. So, being on one is not so odd to me.

See stereotypes are often true! ;) Not a Harley guy myself, but I do have a buddy that rides one.

Custom bikes are better, but sometimes they can get a little crazy. My daughter got to be one of the judges at last years rally for the custom bike contest. Someone had created this custom bike that had spikes on the steering wheel that were poking out in a way that was crazy. If they would have gotten in a wreck the spikes would be through their head.

There are some crazy ones. Safety is not high on their list of features.

I'm more of a sport-bike type. Although I don't get the ones that you have to shape yourself like a pretzel to ride any more. I'd likely get stuck in that shape if I had one of those these days!

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I have never had a tattoo, but have been thinking about it recently although I'm sure I'm too chicken to go through with it. I was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and am undergoing treatment now. I was thinking of having the ribbon for cancer tattooed once i have finished my treatment...Is there anything meaningful like that you and your daughter could share?
I hope what ever you decide on you will share with us.. Good luck

No, neither of us are survivors of anything like cancer, but I think that is a pretty cool idea for yourself. If I were you, I'd definitely get that.

I am seriously considering it....

Awww, I think this is such an awesome thing for you and her to share!! I LOVE the flower and stone idea!!

Shared it with my daughter and she says she wants to do that. I think it's perfectly fitting, especially on the tops of the feet.


I'll share a picture when we get it done next week.

that will be AWESOME!!

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