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I don't want to get a tattoo. I have plenty already and got my last one, and last one forever, almost a year ago. It's a portrait of my late German Shepherd, done with some of her ashes. (can see it in my photo album on my profile)


But I have been a tattoo artist for 38 years so far, and still do daily, and will give you the benefits of my experience if anyone needs it.



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I haven't had a tatoo yet, I've often thought of getting one but was always afraid I'd change my mind cos I know they are permanent. <br />
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I might in the future, because I've always liked them. <br />
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By the way tat2doc, Your tatoo of Amelia is Excellent I have to congratulate you on your workmanship, <br />
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I've also have seen you give good advice about tatoos here on EP, its good to know that there is someone who knows what they are talking about in this field, because some people just rush in to get it done without checking anything and end up regretting it. <br />
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some tatoo parlours just want to get the work done and dont have time to answer questions.<br />
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Thanks tat2doc

i know someone who had the same thing done with her dog's ashes. i think it's such a wonderful way to keep a beloved pet with you forever.

Same way you do with any other tattoo. You just have to mix the ashes in the ink, or mix them with a liquid to make an ink like substance.<br />
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Main thing is to remember to strain the ash first to get out any small bone fragments.<br />
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Simple as that!

How do you tattoo with ashes(question mark, sorry my keyboard is playing up)!