I get down, beaten by all the time I have to put a lid on myself.

If I let out all that is making me pissed off, people overreact and it's annoying. They overreact since I hardly give a negative comment but what makes them so different from me? I have a right to tell what I am displeased with, don't I?

I get annoyed with the people who say they'd show up but don't, who put on lies and fabricate their words. It's annoying.

I get annoyed with people who try to comfort me but are too conceited to see that they are the ones who actually are the source of my anger.
Yakiniku Yakiniku
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2 Responses Jul 25, 2010

Thanks for fanning me. From what I've read of yours you seem pretty cool. I can't stand liars either. We all lie from time to time, and we all lie to ourselves sometimes too - but there's a line between the occasional white lie, and a true liar. <br />
<br />
We have a right to do whatever we want to. On the flip side, other people have the right to react to what we do however they want to. If the way you're letting your feelings is causing problems in your life, then maybe try to change it. Heh - I'm still working on that myself, so I get it.

i relate to "putting a lid on myself" also to the liars who are so called friends. i am learning to rid myself of those that... make me uncomfortable or sad. they are the ones who i want to get away from, i am doing just that these days! <br />
i wish you happiness and peace! take care