Like So Many Others I Feel Trapped.

Hello all,
Im a father of one and living with a partner that cannot move on from her previous relationship which bared 2 children. I feel so trapped and alone. I gave up my life to be with my partner and now have nowhere to turn. Anything I say is taken as a dig or results in an argument, i feel my son was only born to keep me where I am, just like her previous partner as my partner has openly admitted her other 2 children where not planned. Our son was planned and  I am the main person in his life. When ever I speak out about her family I am always made to feel like I have done something wrong. I know I need to leave but I love my partner and son so much just the thought of it hurts. I need help to make the right choice and I really need to build up the courage to get away and see how my life pans out.
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3 Responses Jul 26, 2010

umm umm, she got issues that ain't going away. Psychiatric issues. Control issues. Just issues. She's bitter as Hell. That's why everybody else left. Running. And you should too. Some people are just caustic. Nothing is good, or right. The child is suppose to tie you to her. But that is not that innocent child's reason for living. She makes it so, to keep you there. To support her and her brood. She does not recognize nor care about abuse. And yet she somehow touches your heart. Look past what you Hope she will be, love at a distance, you will never be happy, or at peace. Find a new home for you and your son. Or contribute support until you do. Joy comes in the morning ...

mmm my heart goes out to you... and I cant help but to recall a little thought, I cant remember where I read or heard about it, but I know I remind myself of it often, it goes like this... 'I am responsible for the energy I bring to you'. I apply this to everything in my life, and I cant help thinking your son would benefit from your loving and caring energy?<br />
just a thought, may help you to cope with the situation without damaging yourself or your son?<br />

sorry hope u feel better soon