What's Going On?!

I am a wolf, as some people know. It isn't easy to be one, but it's also a lot of fun. But I'm going crazy in my town, it's a big annoying bunch of humans. I don't hate them, but I don't like them all either, Of course I like my human 'friends'. But I like my true friends on ep the most. But at my place, it's crazy, I can't hold it any more! My dad become mad on everything, once I asked something and he became incredibly angry. And my brother, can't stand it, when I'm eating or talking, or even breathing! And when I was little he tryed to choke me, by putting his hand on my neck and squeezing. I can't stand it anymore, a few weeks ago I bit my father, because I was upset, by what was going on that day. And now I am a wolf and just found out that I can talk with nature. I am not trying to run away, but can anyone give me some tips, to keep me from biting people? thanks for reading.

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1 Response Sep 24, 2012

Your perfectly normal, just a young person growing up.

You can believe your a wolf if you want...I think you need more friends, maybe join some kids in school sports...try and find something else to do to keep your young mind active--that's all that is really happening...you are bored so you use your mind to keep yourself entertained young wolf.

Thanks for your reply =D

I wolf too X3 hehehe