I Want to Live Happier.

i feel like i've led a really sad depressing life, and though I know I have some faults, I feel that my family is what's holding me back from being happy.

No one honestly know how I feel inside, my parents just fight whenever and doesn't even consider how I feel when I watch or hear them fighting over the dumbest things and end up not talking to each other for months.

I've decided that when it's time for college...i'm going far away. There's this school in Florida called Ringling School of Arts and Design. It's amazing and has all the latest equipments. Problem is it's expensive.. but i'm working on a lot of contest, hopefully I could win some money or at least get some scholarships.  I'm determined to get away from this house I live in and this so called "family" that I have. I love them but it's painful to see them fight.

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1 Response Mar 8, 2009

So, I have a question for you - would you, the person watching this relationship and its constant struggles, wish they would go their separate ways instead of making each other and you miserable?<br />
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I imagine if you could have whatever you wanted, you would prefer for them to get along, but if you see that as an impossibility - what do you think you would like to see happen?<br />
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Dig dig dig for those scholarships - they are out there but some take a lot of digging to find. Good luck with that!