I Wanted Mom To Catch Me( Part One)

well i been wearing my moms dirty panties for about 5 years now and her bras panty hose dresses and her shoes. it got me hot because mom was a fox really nice looking, small frame so at 12 yrs old her cloths fitted pretty good and smell good. it started when mom left her silk panties in the bathroom, i pick the pink panties up and look at them and seen some white stuff in the crock area and smell them it smell good .i grab them and went to my room ***** naked and put them looking at myself in the mirror, they felt good on me and so i rub my self slow at first then faster. my mom called me and i put my cloths back on leaveing her panties on.i was so scare she would catch me.she walk in my room and ask me if i was ready for supper and i anwer yes red face and all she ask what i was doing and i anwer nothing. me and mom was alone dad left some years before. we eat and talk and laugh i look at mom her body was so pretty and thought only if you knew what i was wearing your panties the one you wore to work.i sleep in them all nite filling the fine silk on me it made me fill wonderful, took them off and hide them in my dresser under my boring under pants.went to school and came home mom was already home,ikiss her and went to the bath room but no pantiesmom said dinnner was going to be late because she just got home. isaid okay, i quietly went to her room and look in the hamper and there was a black pair of her panties i grab them and went to my room and hide them. this went on me takeing and putting back for years. then at 17 i went and completely dress in her cloths i mean everything from the day before panty which was lite pink her match bra black silk panty hose and a black dressi found her black pumps and put them on my feet. i felt so good. i look in the mirror and i like what i saw got a strong woodie when i seen i wasn't worry because mom was working late at her clothing retail store she woudn't be home till late. this being the first time dressing in all of her cloths i went and got a pop and a glass and some ice today was the last day of school and i thought boy this is going to be great all summer wearing moms cloths. just then the phone rang and i jump it was my girl friend susan what to know what i was up to. i told her cleaning my room, i thougt if you only knew what i was wearing and how pretty i look. i wonder what she would say or do. we finish talking and i went to play with mister woodie. this went on for three weeks i alway think what if mom caught me wearing her cloth i pretend shhe would as i pltyed with mister woodie. it would get me soon hard and i would explosed a big load. then next day i went to susans to visit in a pair of my moms silk panties susan wore white cotton panties with flowers and diffent stuff on them. we meet at her front door and went up to her room to listen to music she was cleaning her room and ask me to take her baskit of dirty cloths down to the basement so later on her mom could wash them when she got home from work. i did as she ask went to turn and leave when it hit me her dirty cloths i went thru and found the best smellie pair of pantys and tuck them in my packet on my jeans later i thought.i spent two hours there and made right home to smell them. and have some mister woodie time. but when i got home mom was there cooking supper, i went to my room and hide them for later.mom talk mainly about the store trying to find help someone to work in the summer because it get so busy. i said what about susan she be great so i called her. she said she been looking for part time workand she stop by mom store in the mall and talk to her in the morning.we ate supper and watch a couple movies it was late and mom kiss on my cheek and said good nite. i was so tried i put on mom panties and went to sleep,in the morning i went and oen my door and yeld for mom no anwer back i walk out and went to mom room and she was gone for work.i check her hamper and there was mom black silk nitie and her matching panties so i stif and they felt damp so i took the one i was wearing and put on the nitie and panties. the panties felt good and damp and smell strong of her lov juice and i thought mom must of be horny last nite.sometime i hear soft moaning coming from her room,them i thought wish she could see me now she freak out wearing her panty smelling so strong of her.i went down and ate a bowl of ceral and watch some tv.about 3 hours later it was mister woodie time, i got susans dirty panties out and open my door just right so i could see myself in the bed laying down i grab my bottle of baby oil and put sasans pantys on myface and pour a little oil on misterwoodie and play with it taking in the good smell of susans pantys boy they was real strong smell great,i look at myself in my moms nitie and moms panties in the mirror and like what i seen i wish mom knew of her sissy son wearing her cloths and smelling mygriends panties the hotter i got the stronger susans pantys smelled. just then i explored on moms nitie .i try to be careful and not get my mess on moms cloths but thought oh well i lick susans pantys and must of went to sleep thinking im in heaven two women i lov sharing there panties with me.ya right the nex thing i know i was being yell at by someone shanking at me yelling my name i tried to see who it was butt susans panty was blocking my full view. then i knew who it was it was mom and susan yelling at me. i just layed there scare shitless crying like a sissy girl i didn't knew what to do. mom calm down and susan just look at me crying she walk over and pull her pantys off my face and look at them
dawn8855 dawn8855
51-55, M
Sep 13, 2012