What To Get Caught . Part Two

so that where they went you took them ,to what smell and play with yourself to get off and my said while wearing my drty cloths and then she realize what panties and nitie oh my god i played with myself while wearing them omg sam. and look said susan he made a mess too on the nitie. i started to remove the nitie and panties and mom said don't even think about it, down stair you sissy and bring susan pantys with you we both want to know how long this as been going on at the kitchen table now.i walk pass both with my head hung down. susan look at me and said your so panic looking you sissy they both laugh at me.iiiiat the table i sat while they look at me laughing making fun of me susan pull her pony tell holder out of her hair and out it in my long blond hair saying we need to see your eyes sissy girl you do make a great looking girl sam mom said to me.susan laugh at me no a good looking sissy girl. how long has this been going on sam and tell me everything of mind your wore. i told her everything panty bra pantyhose dress shoes nitegown ,susans dirty pantys. makeup when i had the time perfume. mom left the room and came back with a towel and my baby oil and told me to do it show us now i started to cry and beg not to do this. mom sat down beside me and jerk me over her legs and started to spank real hard after she pull my pantys down.icryed real hard screaming please stop and susan said and you be a good girl now and show us now she yeld. i start there and pul mister wood out and poured oil on him susan said put my dirty pantys on your face. lick and smellthem you ***** sissy girl. they both laugh at me as i try to get hard rubbing my self. susan said how do they smell sissy i wore them for two days you like them don' you sissy lick them i lick them all over they laugh so hard at me susan look at mom and said i lov a sissy closet queen.
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had fun writing this more to come