I Wanted To Get Caught Part 4

here i was trying to get hard and get it over with i was so humilated having them watch me weariing my moms dirty cloths licking susan dirty panties and licking them . susan laugh and pointing to my soft member not getting hard,you so panic sam look at you a sissy want to be girl. mom grab my face and look me square in the eyes and said get it hard or i'll have susan take you around the block and show you off you sissy.every one will see you in my cloth her panty on your face licking them all the way.it started to get hard and i started to moan real fast susan walk over and pinch both of my nipple real hard said did that turn you on sissy you mommie threat to have me humilate you may i'll call some of my girlfriends who think your a big macho man from school over to see you like this all dress real pretty what do you think they say sissy girl, i start to fell it come , and i told susan she said catch it in your hand i did it was a load a big oad i got it in my hand and susan said now lick it all upyou sissy girl i beg her not to make me and mom said you want to be a girl act like one do it now susan said i lick every drop up and mom said suck you fingers clean now. they laugh and pointed at me and mom look straight in my eyes you are really panic my little sissy girl, how did that taste sissy.i sat there with my head down and susan slap me hard across my face anwer your mom,and look at her.good mommie i said did you like that my little girl,i say yes mommie .they laugh at me and said go to bed now in my cloth and don't even think of taking them off. susan ask do you have to go to the bathroom i said yes she took me to the bathroom and i started to lift the lid and she yeld no sit like a girl,and when your done tuck it and pull your panties up you sissy girl.
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lov telling everyonemy story