I Lost Something Precious

a month ago, i went in christian camp, and in the train station i forgot my bag on a table near a fast food. And in my bag i had my precious bible, from my grandfather. I really llike it. And in the bible, the money for the camp but i doesn't matter the money. I only wanted my bible...
And just 1 day before a missionary came to our church and talked about his experience with God. Twoo of them was that he forgot in the station his bag with money and bible, but God reminded him just before the train leaves, and then was another that he forgot a bag on his moped, and it was full of money and precious things in one big and crowd city just in downtown and God protected the bag and no one stole it for half an hour.

And after i reminded that i forgot my bag there, was like 30-45 minutes later I turned back and there was no bag, I asked everyone but no one had a clue about my bag. There were some slicks and bad boys who were before and I'm sure that they stole it. What could they do with a bible , I don't know but anyway,
After that I asked God why He didn't remember me or why He didn't protect it like He did to that man? I felt worthless and invaluable like I'm not so important.
I know that He has a plan for everything but I only want my bible back.....
I prayed so much to get my bible back but it's been two months since i lost it so I'm sure I'll never get it back...
The thing is what could God can tell me with that?
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Well you never know those guys may have opened and read something that changed their life. Yes it is a burden for you and that does stink but you may have changed someone elses life. They may still have it and maybe they really have't looked at it but it could be sitting next to them one night when they need it most. You never know they could come to know God or come back to their faith. I would look at it that and pray God uses it in that way.

Friends of mine had their house broken into by a guy who was on the run he was on drugs and really messed up her husband had walked into the house went to the bathroom came back out and saw blood on the floor he hurried and got out and when he did there were cops all around this man had a gun and had done some really bad things all this being said he really messed up their home but they had christian music playing bibles open and when he finally came out of the house and then went back in they saw that he had read the bible his hand prints were on it. There is no telling if that changed his life he is in jail now of course but you never know her husband wanted to visit him in jail and talk to him not yell at him but tell to him and see what was going on and get to know him. I don't think that ever happend but I know it was on his heart to. It was a vary bad situtation he ruined a lot of their things and the house on the inside but they turned it into something positive try and do that. God is pretty amazing some times ok like a lot of the haha

sorry this was so long

thanks for your encouragement :)