I Like Who I Become When I'm Drunk

When I get drunk, I am a better person. Not that I'm a bad person sober. But when I drink, I'm happy. I have confidence. I become social. I have nothing holding me back. I don't worry or stress out over life. I can still control my actions and I know my limit. Sometimes I think I should just become an alcoholic and then I will love life a whole lot more than I do now. Think it's a good idea?

CourtGatekeeper CourtGatekeeper
18-21, F
8 Responses Mar 3, 2010

Will send you a lamp-shade for Xmas. :-)

lol yeah, i love drinkin a few beers with some friends. if i hung out with people more often i'd prob be drinking way more than i do now.

I was just thinking about becoming a drinker or alcoholic today.. Hey it is legal to drink and you can find alcohol everywhere. and it makes you happy. beside causing psrosis of the liver alcohol can be a good thing..when use in moderation I guess..

haha thanks. I'm glad someone understands what I mean. : ]

It's an exaggeration. Clearly not going to be an alcoholic...

Not a good idea at all. Yes it is a serious disease. I know toooo many recovering alcoholics, and its not a pretty pricture. Enjoy drinking socially and know (like you said) when to stop.

Hey Court, I don't know if you are being sarcastic or serous in your post. I hope you are being sarcastic and trying to catch some fish like me to respond to your post. While being young, like yourself, it is fun to party with friends and throw back a few. But being an alcoholic is a serous issue that could take many years to resolve if ever. My advise is to have fun and have some drinks with friends and paint the town red... however, if you start drinking by yourself to just feel better, then I think you should seek out help and sooner than later. From your profile pic, you're a beautiful young lady and from your writing, you are a smart too. In that way, I think you already know the answer to your question "Think it's a good idea?". Good luck and stay safe.

I know what you mean. However, the answer is no, not a good idea. There is a woman who works at the BP in my town. She used to be like that when she was young. She is my age, but looks thirty years older and acts like a burned-out cartoon character. Cigarettes and booze.