Getting Engaged In Highschool!! :)

hey so my name is sarah! im 16 and my boyfriend trevor is 18 and a marine. weve been together for a lil over two months but we have been friends for a while. he told me b4 he left he was gonna propose durin his 10 day leave. he even made me pick out the ring!! im super excited but my friends think its stupid bc im so young. but i kno i love him with all my heart!! we've almost made it through bootcamp but i kno it will only get tougher. i dnt think im to young and even my parents are ok with it! were not gonna get married until hes done with active. which will be 4 years. i will hopefully be done with college by then. :). are any of yall a junior in highschool and engaged bc i would lovge to hear your stories of you engagement?? i just wanted to say i admire all you girls that stand by ur marine through think and thin. i kno its tough. yall are my inspiration to stay with him.

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Hi I'm 15 I'm in the 8th grade (i got held back 1st grade) about to enter high school and my bf proposed to me spontaneously on Skype and I said yes no one knows exept my two of my closest friends and I think we're gonna plan on getting married during senior year which is prob not the best idea due to college stress and anxiety but idk I'm in love with him and Ik he loves me and I can't wait anymore

Hy,I'm Princess I'm 16,soon will b turning 17(05jul),my boyfrnd whom I've been dating for three year wants us to get engaged he's turning 23(21jun). I'm nervous he's parents are fine bt I don't know how to break the news to my parents,hoping to hear your response. I truly love the guy and I see a future so bright wit him.

Whoa! I'm in the same boat, I'm 17 though. And he's in the navy, I haven't told anyone yet but I love him to death. I'm keeping it a secret because I don't think my mom will be okay with it... I see that this was posted 5 years ago, did it ever work out? I could use some encouragement!

I am 15 I am a freshman in highschool im getting engaged n everyone's been jumping down my throat bout best friend whn we were in 8th grade she got pregnant n moved to Arkansas had her baby n she just moved bck bout a month ago over the summer I moved out of town n I go bck every other weekend to my stepdads he's the only one who knows I hv a bf cause I'm not allowed to date he lets me see him anyways my friend is the only one supporting me she got married at 15 n sum happend with her baby daddy n since we're broke she's letting my bf have her ring to give to me me n my bf been togather a year almost we been through a lot tht no one will ever U derstand all my other friends keep calling me stupid buh were not getting married till wer like in our late 20s it's like a promise to g more thn a proposal n im happy n excited buh everyone's bringing me down........yay

Just gonna throw this out there:

If I had a dollar for everytime I changed between the ages of 16-22, I wouldn't have to work the rest of my life. Honestly getting engaged young and before you have been together long is a recipe for disaster. You will be a whole different person when you're getting ready to graduate college. Some people use the reasoning that "when you know, you know" as far as getting married. I think it's really great that you may have found your soulmate young, but don't rush things. It may seem great now but your brain isn't mature enough yet. You're still growing in so many ways. Give it more time. I was madly in love with a guy junior year in high school and swore he was the "one". Now I couldn't even fathom the thought of a life with him. I've been with my guy for 5 years and we are extremely happy together. While we have talked about marriage, We have so many things we both want to accomplish first. We're comfortable and happy right now. Try focusing on that.

im a junior and engaged my parents think im an idiot but i love my fiance and he makes me feel safe and i really think if you guys are like best friends you guys will be the best couple in the world. have fun girl and keep holding on to that man. also best piece of advice keep making sure your parents love him, because my parents hates my fiance and my brothers wife. and we have nothing to do with our parents because of it.

Im only sixteen and im engaged to my boyfriend(16) of 8 years and our parents dont agree but we love each other so much and we know that this is what we want we are gonna wait until we are out of college which will be 13 years since i am going to school to become a vet and it takes 12 years of school and since we still have another year of highschool it makes it 13 years neither of us want to wait that long but we agreed we would and we hope by us waiting for 13 years and since we will still be togeather that they will relize that we love each other so much and we want to be togeather forever and we still have to tell them that im 2 months pregnant that should be interesting since they dont agree with us being in a relationship to begin with and i know now that you know im pregnant that you might be thinking that we are engaged because im pregnant but thats not true we have been engaged for almost 4 months now and we are both excited about me being pregnant

We have many things in common ! :D (my bf is 17, im 15) but the thing is that my boyfriend and i have 9 months together and when he gets back from boot camp, we'll be 11 months (: He and i also want to get married but we have to wait til im 18 ... "/ but its okay, we love each other and are willing to wait. He did promise me that he would give me a promise ring when gets back from boot camp! ^.^ I'm so excited to see him in about 2 months, i can't wait!! >.< <333

I am!!!

I have been with my Marine for 2 years. I am now a freshman in college, and I know that he is the one God has chosen for me. We are talking about marrying soon. I want to go to college with him, things arent right with me here and him there. If your Marine is the one for you, and you want to stay home and go to college, he will be there when you are done. But also don't plan your life around him. If he is right, he will fit right in.

That sounds a lot like mine I'm 17 and and am engaged to my gf who will be 17 in a month and we r both going in the marines after high-school all I am trying to do at the moment is find her a ring but we will be getting married after boot camp and then going for joint spouse so we can be together because we r both probly going to do 20 years in the marines maybe longer but Yah I don't think it is stupid as long as u love that person and cannot see yourself without them then it is fine and with me she is the only gf I have ever had and have never fought or had any problem and we have been dating for almost 2 years and now I just can't wait for that day that we can finally be married <br /><br />
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awwww congrats to both of you!!!!! i believe the same way. me and my bf arent engaged but he said he will when i go down for the ball. if you love em then its fine!!!!

I want my boyfriend that is going into the Marines to ask me. He just says I dont want your heart to break me leaving all the time. I dont know what to do because I love him.

yeah my bf didnt propose just gave me a promise ring!! but then last saturday night he proposed over txt and said he would make it official when he came back!! :) good luck to you and ur guy!!

I'm not engaged but he has given me a promise ring, which was a year this past Xmas. We've been together for 3 years ever since sophomore year and were both seniors now. I really hope to et engaged and I almost hope soon, I know he's the only one even though were so young and we probably wouldn't get married atleast until I graduated from my pre med school b4 my final 4 years in med school. I really hope it can happen :)

im with you! im 17 and a senior in high school and my boyfriend is 19 and just got done with basic and he got a 31 day leave :) weve been together a little over 3 years and we always knew we wanted to marry eachother but hes been talking about it alotttt lately and said he wanted to do it before he had to leav again and making little cute comments kind of hinting towards it, he made me show him rings that i like and he taking me out on a huge date sometime around christmas (& christmas is only in 5 daysss!!!) and he said when we go on this date im going to end up being the happiest girl ever.... im not getting my hopes up because i dont kow what will happen but it sure sounds like it to me! and he wants to take my parents out to dinner to "talk" to them. :) good luck with yours! :)

awww thanks!! congrats on ur engagement to!! even the girls in my youth group said they were behind me :). im rele excited but also nervous!!

I am so with ya girl! I'm a senior in highschool now but I got engaged to my marine half way through my junior year :) best decision I've ever made! Many people judge me but its what was right for me and for him and I'm very happy with my choice! When you know you just know! My parents knew it too, and I didn't even have to tell them!! I was 15 when we started dating and I had only a week to get to know him before he went to SOI, we both knew by the end of the week we were in love, 2 weeks later we said and 2 weeks later we were already talking marriage and getting engaged! He said he knew I was the one the moment he saw me :) Even when I was 15 and we had only been going out for a few weeks, my parents said if he asked them tomorrow if he could propose they'd let him, I was shocked! I didn't think they'd be so accepting but they love him like their own son :) for people who don't know me and how right we are together, I get a lot of judgement from! But it doesn't bring me down because it's my life and no matter what people say I'm not going o let it bring me down! Be confident in your decision and show your friends you know it's right and they'll fed off of your confidence! If you don't second guess it or let what they say get to you then their going to think you don't know what your doing! My friends were the same way at first but once they saw that I didn't care what they had to say and that I knew what I was doing, that now they back me up :) it's all how your present yourself! Stay strong girl! Hope everything works out for what's best for both of you! Congratulations on your soon to be engagement :) semper fi!