My Beautiful Life,,,<3

Hey name is Kerry and my boyfriend Rick is a CPL in the Marines! He has already been through one deployment in Afgahnistan and now works in supply in Camp Pendleton Ca. I live about 9 hours north in Chico but will soon be moving to live with him off base. Depending on whether his re-enlistment gets approved he may be active duty enlisted or active reserves...if he is reserves we are moving near his prents in Ohio. We will know soon! I am very proud of Rick and his he is a very good Marine. We met by chance..and it was the best chance I ever had :) definately my other half....I love him very much and try to stay connected to his crazy world til I can move in with him. I'm very interested in knowing others with this experience so please feel free to contact me on here just to talk or whatever :) or any further questions...GOD BLESS and SEMPER FI
marinecorpsprincess marinecorpsprincess
18-21, F
Aug 2, 2012