Married Too Young?

 So how young is too young? We're 19... he wants to get married this year before he gets deployed. Do you think it's rushing or alright?

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7 Responses Mar 1, 2009

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i think its alright if yall think yall are ready. i'm 17 and my boyfriend will be 19 on saturday and i think its okay. although we are not married or even engaged yet, i dont feel like im too young.

wow! i have had the same question. My marine is leaving for Bootcamp in August and wants to get engaged when he returns for that 10 days. Now I will be 18 and him 19.

You took that question right out of my mouth! WOW i'm 19 and my marine has told me he wants to get engaged, beofre he deploys. Now you can ultimatly make the decision based on whats best for you, but i told him to wait and ask me after his deployment. I did because i want to know that he can trust me and i can trust him on what will be our first deployment. We trust eachother already as im sure you and yours do. Just keep in mind it's not going to be easy and as long as you can work through everything together as a team you'll make it. So maybe getting engaged is a good idea, gives you time to plan the wedding while he's away. Just cause your engaged doesnt mean your wedding has to be within the month you know. ^.^ best of luck to you on what ever you decide. i hope this made sense.

I agree with the other girls on here that age is just a number and what matters is maturity. Just do what feels right for you!

haha thanks crystal haha i love you xox :)

I dont think age has anything to do with it.You should be happy under any circumstances with him and love him even when you want to punch him in the chest haha.<br />
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and people who are 30 get married after being together for short amounts of time but its okay because their older and mature? so if weve been in a relationship for a long while we should be able to get married and be happy and society be okay with it. if not society can shove it.