I Want To Get Engaged

I've been dating with my bf for almost 3 years and I want to get engaged. Don't want to get married yet, but just engaged.
The problem is we have never talk about it, because I wait him to start that conversation first, but I started to think about about 3 months ago, and can't wait any longer.
Do you think is too soon to talk about engagement? I'm 22 and he is 25. He graduated form college 3 years ago and has a good job. I have 1 year till graduation.
I don't want to give him any ultimatum, but don't wanna be in a relationship for years and years, because it doesn't have sense to me.
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4 Responses Aug 5, 2010

Is not too early. Just start mentioning to him about next step. You need to see if he understands your desire and if he wants it too. So you dont wait or waist time with someone who has no desire to get married.

personally I would wait until after you graduate because you cant plan for the future or go over finances until then also you want to get the college/university chapter out of the way before you start the new chapter together

Thanks for advice. :) Yes, I'll start bringing it up, and inform you all about the results.

no i dont think its too soon u 2 have been together for 3 yrs i say start bringing it up just in general and see how he reacts to that first if he seems willing to talk about it then slowly lead into the idea of u 2 getting engaged and see how it goes from there.<br />
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hope this helps<br />