I Think I'm Almost There

my boyfriend has been hinting at marriage lately. he has stated that we wants our parents to meet before my birthday which is also our anniversary as well as other hints at marriage like looking at a venue for outdoor weddings and mentioning the wedding cake album at our local bakery.

I'm sooooo excited but my only concern is first of all waiting until January when I think he will propose and secondly but just as important what on earth can I get him for our anniversary that could even get close to the ring I think I'm getting.

My first thought was to get him a ring too and propose at the same time however that leaves the problem of what happens if I'm wrong and he doesn't propose. I think he would be disappointed if I proposed because I feel like he would want to be the one to do the asking.

Still what on earth could I get him that would be anywhere near as amazing as that?
hipsterkitty hipsterkitty
22-25, F
Dec 1, 2012