The Big Gain

A few months ago I met the girl of my dreams. She's 5ft 3in and 180 pounds. Yeah she's kinda chubby but I love her. Her body is amazing! She has the widest thighs I've ever seen. But her belly and boobs weren't as big as i would've liked. So I asked her if she gain some extra pounds. She said she would only if I gained with her. Turns out she wanted me to get plumper too. At first I wasn't all that excited about getting heavier, but me and her were in this together.

We started eating at Mcdonalds every day after school. We'd order two or three burger each and stuff ourselves. After a month of that, she had gained 7 pounds and I'd gained only 2. So we took our eating to the next level. We ate fast food more frequently. We became as lazy as possible. We ate snakes as much as possible. 5 months later we had done it. She had gained 36 pounds and was now 216. Her belly now hung below her waist and poked its way out of her shirt. Her boobs had gotten fuller and much bigger. Her thighs were wider than ever. I had gained 32 pounds. We were both satisfied with each others new appearance but we had enjoyed gaining. We wanted to get fatter. So we continued to eat.

The following year we finally took a break from eating. She had gained almost 100 pounds. At 309 pounds, she couldn't fit into the chairs at school, booths at restaurants or between some doors for that matter. She couldn't sit up off her couch anymore without assistance from someone else. But she was happy with her figure. She liked having to wear XXXL clothing. I was very heavy two, but a whole 80 pounds lighter. Me and her spend our free time laying around eating junk food. Occasionally we'll break a chair or be unable to climb up a flight of stairs, but it's worth it.

Me and my gf are still happily gaining!
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Good luck to you both , long may you enjoy your gaining hon !

Congrats on both your gains! May you both get even fatter and happier! :)