I Miss My Boot Camp Body!

Geez, has it really been almost a quarter of a century since I was in boot camp? I sure would like to be as physically fit and trimmed down like I was when I returned home from training. I always had planned to maintain it, but that's a lot easier to say than it is to do.
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1 Response Nov 30, 2010

Ya know, I just started the regimen a couple of months ago. For me, Parris Island was over 35 years ago. Since then desk jobs and life has taken it's toll but my new place of work has a gym.. I give myself an hour or two several times a week. MY time. I catch the news there. I think there. MY time. Not the job's. Not the family's. I have found myself looking forward to it. If this job goes away, it'll be a commercial gym.<br />
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Of course, will never be down to the 130+ that I once was but I am shooting for a good 150 - 60 and slowly making my way there. The end benefit, tho, is a little time for me in a time in my life when I'm oncall 24x7 and always busy when not working the job. Hiding place? Maybe. But with great physical benefits. A good sweat is good a couple of times a week. Benefits - not always so tired. More craving for a little nookie time with the wife. A little hope that I'll not just crumble away like so many.