At Least 2 Guys In My *** Or Mouth

This happened some time ago, when i was still going out with Natalie (one of my first girlfriends). As i stated before she go me into loving **** and anal etc, and introduced me to gay sex with a gay friend of her's. She was out when this happened, i was about 20 then.

Robert (my usual bed buddy) brought 2 friends over, for sexual fun. I had already sucked on Robert and had one of his friends *** in my ***. So i was now laying on my back across my bed, with a **** sliding into my throat (i had to shut my eyes because his balls kept slapping my eyes) and i had my legs and ankle above one man's shoulders as he did me anally. It felt so good, then Robert joined in and stated sucking my ****. I lost it, i was moaning with a **** in my mouth. This was pure esctacy, i felt my eyes litertry roll back in my head.

I blew in Roberts mouth, but he kept sucking for a minute or so, i just moaned and moaned. When Natalie did eventually came home, i told her about it, she smirked and giggled, and rubbed my head.

peterluv2toss peterluv2toss
1 Response Mar 8, 2009

And a good time was had by all... except me. Well that's not entirely true, that was worthy of a ****, so I did enjoy myself anyway. GREAT story!