Want 2 X-s to Get Together

I posted this as a confession several days ago.  I have one X that is a body builder that I can tell is Bi.  I have another X that used to be goth and has kissed one guy when really messed up.   If I walked into a room with these 2, people would be scared.   It would be the most awesome thing to be in the middle.  They are both into really wild sex.  I dont know how to get them together or even bring it up.  It would just flat do it for me. 

36-40, F
4 Responses Mar 10, 2009

I brought it up to one and he said he does not share.... The other one is back with his last X so not an option...lol

i love ur fantasy...u shud really try!

This one will never happen, but it would be nice...

We all have our fantasies.