Feeling So Horny But The Truth Is That...........

I have a open relationship right now till end of january then back to a nomal marrage. As people that are in my circle know my problems! I would love to just get suduced by a older lady! 30's to 45 ish. nothing younger!  Well put together, financially stable, knows what she likes and doesn't like, when it comes to making love!  likes oral giving and recieving! willing to try new things! is willing to talk about a "stop" word other than No or stop! so If I am licking your lips and it feels so dam good and you feel that you are about to ***/ squert. I will stop! Or keep Going!  want that type of person that likes to cuddle after or take that nice hot shower! had a affair long time ago, she forgave me and just recently she did the same! I still love her and she does the same! still living together as a team, we made a promise of sorts, so she can get what she wants and I will not feel left out the days she has time away from me! bin tested and we both are d&d free!  would like for this person to be healthy and fit and likes dogs. I like cats too and horses. Yes I know how to muck out stalls and feed horses. close gates behind me!  yes I am all over the road but thats me!  don't mind being on top but aswell on bottom. Toys are fun, like **** rings that vibrate or bulletts that do the same. lube, like ky is great for those dry times! Lingerie is sexy, see through bra's or split panties! t-backs or just nothing at all. skirts.  I love to start by giving a back rub! slowly softly carass her body slow and tips of my fingers rubbing her in all the right places. or not!  and be a non-sexual experence rubbing up to but not touching those places. but if both people had a long day and just want to cuddle, Im up for that too!
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Dec 5, 2012