My Best Friend !!

Well , hi ! I used to date  this guy and then after we broke up  my best friend liked him and made him Like her Back !  I was okay with it then i dated a another guy then we break up  she goes and likes him and the other guy and i am getting mad she likes a another guy but she likes the two other ones too .. And i told her you know i would not do that to you like a guy you Dated or Liked ? She was like yea i would'nt do that to you to .. ( In my head ) : I was like yea right ? .. Now i like this guy and he kinda likes me back and i think she Likes him too but she looks at how he looks at me and how i look at him and she get jealous .. And i don't know what to do now it's getting on my nervous but she is my best friend for 3 years and me and this guy liked each other  for  a few months But i really Dont know what to do with her and i don't know what to tell her .. Help Please !   :( 

GirlwithTrouble GirlwithTrouble
13-15, F
Feb 26, 2010