Can I Try?

I haven't had a taste of drugs
though I really want to have one...
maybe the pain will be less noticeable then
would it blunt this raging heartache within?

Or would it cause me to forget the people in my memory lane?
If so, I want one...give me a load of those
to forget this stubborn one
He wont go away from my thoughts

Spare me the side effects
or the withdrawal symptoms
just give me the ultimate high as I lay in my bed
dreaming myself away as I wish for truth to set me free
MyZen MyZen
36-40, F
1 Response Oct 3, 2011

thats the lie about drugs. You use them to try and feel better and suffer way worse than withdrawals--you suffer mentally and now all your focus is on the ways and means to get more and the getting and is being like a rat on a treadmill--you never go anywhere or escape the feeling bad then--just an endless cycle of pain. I have found it is better to suffer negative feelings..those pass. Using drugs keeps you trapped in negativity and sorrow forever--or until you get clean-which is a whole different kind of pain but excruciating all the same. I hear you--getting high seems like a good solution--but it really doesn't work. Hang in there. He will get out of your brain eventually. Everything passes.