It's been a while since i did anything, last time it was some lsd and it wasn't a nice trip :S paramedics got involved and stuff but that was mostly because of my friends freaking out (and they being as high as me too...)

Last time i had weed was like 2 years ago, and it feels like an eternity already, i stopped because i was feeling i had learnt what i could from it, and was then holding me back on something...

But recently i'm been craving some stuff, i want to have a day of relaxing, smoke for a whole day while listening to music, watching movies... Though my friends who smoke live far away now, i need to get some new ones, but people this day is such a dissapointment, even the ones who smoke, they're into bad music, i don't even know why they get high, maybe to be cool? could it be the new cigarrrete? everybody i've met have different highs, not so compatible with mine...

Also i'm thinking of trying lsd again, maybe half or 1/4 blotter, i miss the feeling that everything's alive, breathing and vibrating with you, i miss making out on lsd... i want to listen to music, and see the paintings hiding in music again.

jafetgx jafetgx
26-30, M
Aug 27, 2014