I've Always Wanted to

I've always wanted a toned body. I keep promising myself tomorrow. Today I think I'll run on the treadmill. LOL. I don't own any exercise equipment so if anyone knows of exercises that can build upper body strength and tone your abs that can be done in your room I'd appreciate it. Thanks

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2 Responses Dec 19, 2008

Hold a plank position (the top of a pushup) for time. Do what you can. Next time increase the time. Work your way up to 2 minutes.<br />
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Also, do a side plank (google it) on each side for time.

push ups and crunchs are the best for upper body and abs. for your room and its free. when you do your abs place a towel under you and hold the two ends with your hands to keep your alinment when you do a crunch.. it makes less stress on your back and neck.. and if its hard to do push ups at first try them on your knees then work your way to normal ones.. hope this helps.. take care and God bless. tilt your pelvis forward and it will automatically make your stomach tighten keep this up and your have a nice stomach.