From Male to Female Sexual Reassignment Surgery

I will be having Sexual Reassignment Surgery in 2009. I am hoping to find a husband after surgery.  I want to be MRS. whomever and take care of my husband in and out of the bedroom.

I would be the ideal wife. I like doing female things and being a post op transsexual I woudl know what turns my guy on in the bedroom. I would be his bedroom *****

Micayla Micayla
61-65, F
5 Responses Aug 16, 2008

Closedin: I know that being a female is a tough and I am ready for the challenge

Good luck and be safe. I know it must be painful to hear all the negative comments some people make here and everywhere. <br />
I welcome you to my sex it's not easy but still a compliment that you want to be female, girl or whatever. It's work but you all sound like you are ready for the challenge. At least you know who you are on the inside and have the means to match that to the outside.<br />
josie the offer still stands I'll gladly give you my padding in exchange for some of your height. Ha.. but while we are at it maybe they can do something with my boobs!

Congratulations I may have my surgery in Aug 2009. I'm so happy but scared at the same time mixed emotions you know. But above all things I can truly call myself one of the girls..

I appreciateyour well wishes. there are some on this site that have attacked me because I choose to be myself.<br />
So many blind people who cannot see beyond. the front of their minds eye

Congratulation on having your SRS date set. I know it has been not an easy road getting through transition and all. I am so very glad for you. The very best for your future.