45yrs, Engaged, This Will Be My 3rd Marriage!

My story, married for the 1st time, 1st husband dies.  2nd marriage, horrible husband, cheater, the hole nine yards, a bad man.  He did not come off like that in the being. I got a divorce. He put me through the most horrible year to get divorce. He did every thing possible to hurt me, he even threaten my life. 

After all that drama, I meet this very nice man.  I have been him seeing for a year.  I love him deerly. Believe me he is wonderful. I never though I would meet a person like this . So you ask what is the problem?  I'm afraid, and I don't want my heart to get broken again.  I was not rised to get married all these times.

 I ask myself everyday how can I walk away from someone so wonderful? 

But. you know the day came that I had to trust my instinct, and trust in god to show me the right thing to do.  When you finally find the love of your life you do let it go no matter how many other mistakes you made in the past.  

jaglinda jaglinda
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2 Responses Feb 14, 2007

My relationship - that I thought would culminate in marriage - is coming to an end. I can only hope that I will find someone else to love, who loves me as you have seemed to have found.<br />
<br />
Good luck!!!

That sucks about the second one. You found a good one and it is either live alone for the rest of your life or be with him. Marriage today is just a symbol of you saying that now you will try harder than ever to make it work because you care about each other. So it is not like you will be trapped if this one is a jerk like the other one (to say the least). But if he is a nice guy I am sure you two will do great. Good luck you two!!!