Again and More

To try again with a new start would be fun. I'd love to love again and more children has always been a dream. I am afraid I'm getting too old too fast though and it may become just that... a dream. *heavy sigh*

I want to be that old couple that still holds hands and finishes one another sentences. I want to wake in someones arms and argue over socks left on the bathroom floor. More time to do those things that mean more to me and the kids.

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7 Responses Mar 22, 2009

Thanks darlin'... :) We'll get there, baby steps, but we'll get there.

What you want sounds awesome MSP and keep hold of your dreams I believe it will come true for you , and wish you all the happiness ever! :)

I'm not sure I understand your reply dvijay? "do not want to compromise"?? Please explain so I can answer. :)<br />
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Mysplit,You people do not want to compromise or sacrifice for each other.And want all the happyness of the world.<br />
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Dont take it as apersonnel comment.<br />
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Yesterday,30march2009 was our 31st wedding anniversery.We are in a sexless relationship nowadays but happy with each other.

hope it slaps me straight in the face 'cause i'm alwyas so busy running around i'm guessing i'll miss it

until you reach menopause, you are not too old to have children. but even then, you can always adopt. love has no age or boundary, and i'm sure that when you are not looking, you will find what you are looking for.

Lets see got Married had kids picked up socks off the floor.... wait I still pick up soocks............<br />
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I talk to myself and finish my own words well most of the time......<br />
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So now you tell me I need someone else to do that with me... Hell then I would have to pick up the other persons socks underwear and mine...........