I have been dating this girl for a couple of years, and she makes me happier then anyone else has ever made me in the world. We both are students working, and saving money to go live together in another state. We are surviving a long distance relationship rather well. We almost never fight, and we spend all of our free time talking to each other, and when we lived close together, all free time was spent with each other. I want to propose to her at 18 if we survive this long distance relationship. I know it sounds like the worst idea of my life, but this girl is great for me. I have serious anxiety and depression, and it all goes away when I am around her. She wants to travel the world just like me. And we both are extremely in to the arts, so we never get bored. I think this relationship is healthy enough to take that risk.
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Don't. Wait until you're much older and matured. Do you know why most people decide to marry at 25, or older? It's because that's when the brain has fully developed. But then again, the choice is all yours ;)

Yeah I am very well aware of the frontal lobes development in the mid 20s. I am a psychology student. I have changed my mind since I posted this. A lot has changed in my life, and will change in the coming years. I was just in a weird place then.

I'm glad you got past whatever obstacle you were facing then. But if you still haven't I'm glad you've really matured. Cheers to you :)