Probably Need A Groom First..

I'm only 19, but I already feel like my life is wasting away, and I know the feeling will only get worse as I get older. My number one dream is to get married. I've been engaged a couple times, but god knows guys my age most likely aren't mature enough for it yet. Lots of being cheated on, treated unfairly in multitudes of different ways. Just recently I actually had a decent guy, and though he broke up with me, he did it in a nice way. Surprise, he was a bit older than me. Don't know why I'm really posting here. Everyone here is engaged or might be getting engaged. Yay online dating sites since I live in the middle of nowhere.
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Yeah I am Single and wanna marry , are you interest

Yeah I am Single and wanna marry , are you interest

Marry a nice guy young. If you wait till you are older, most people are screwed up. Don't wait.

If i wasan american i would have suggested my self, anyhow leaving jokes aside I hope you do realise that having a child makes it twice as difficult and based upon my knowledge of relationships the faster you allow sex into the picture the faster the relationship ends. Don't be so hard on yourself, love will come just as Daddio3 said, i have found for many persons the 'one' that they were looking for was right around the but they never considered it, always with too much of a perfect picture of who they are looking for. Love is coming dear and it's coming soon, stop looking and let it find you, don't settle for anything just because you want to get married soon you'll get divorced soon too. I wish you well.

I can't move though. I have a two year old daughter and I am completely dependant on my family. Just can't find a job in a podunk town like this. And I am attending the local college. I know I still have maturing to do, but (getting knocked up in high school aside) I'd like to think I'm more mature than other kids my age. I've always been told I have a good head on my shoulders by older adults, whether they were family or not.

step 1. Move. It's easier than you think.<br />
step 2. Grow up. I don't mean that in a negative way. I mean, you're at what should be one of the most fun, free-spirited times in your life!!! You don't know who you're going to be yet. Unless you're with the love of your life (and face it- you haven't met him yet) you need to keep growing. Only then can you find someone with whom you're compatible.<br />
<br />
If you baking a cake, can you frost it before it has finished baking? NO! Sure, it might look pretty for an hour, but then it will sag and sink and will never be the delight it should have been. Keep it in the oven till it's ready.