I don't want to just get married. I want to do it right! Fall in love, find my soulmate, my best friend, spend many happy moments together and then get married. Can't wait for that day!
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Wish more men would be like you !

I'm even more happy for you :). You're happily married and gained priceless insight, then put it to use! It would be nice to find another woman with the same insight :). Though, that seems to be a difficult task from time to time :P. Thank you for the kind remarks :). <br />
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I would like to be an interventional radiologist for the lifestyle (tons of vacation, very little call = tons of family time). I wouldn't mind doing orthopedic surgery either. Then again, neurology is fascinating! We'll see. I hear that everyone goes into medical school wanting to become one type and comes out wanting to become another. I'll get a better feel for it when I do my rotations at the end of medical school :). <br />
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How's life treating you? What is it that you do, btw?

Thanks for the advice everyone :). I've actually had the opposite; other people who's mistakes I viewed as examples to learn from. What I've noticed with nearly everyone who I've seen get married is they all stop taking care of themselves. Another is that both parties are stubborn or one never-ever wants to give in for prideful purposes. I see many of my co-workers lie to their wives (and vise versa) over petty things. I've found all of those to be extremely toxic in maintaining a healthy relationship, let alone marriage. I'd say the biggest issue I've witnessed is honesty...maybe because I live in Las Vegas, but it seems that the majority of people I know lie about something or other to their significant other. Disgusts me. <br />
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If I found the right woman, I'd marry her tomorrow. On the contrary, though, I'm in no rush until I get the person I want with the qualities I'm looking for. They aren't unimageinable; simply honesty, loyalty, intelligence, a little ambition, someone who takes care of themselves. <br />
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I've set my own guidelines for how I live my life and how I want to continue to live my life when I'm married. For instance, I've made fitness an every day part of my life; when my wife comes home I'd still like to be the man she wants to pounce on even when we're 50. I'm putting in all my hard work through school to become a doctor now, so when I have a family, I have all the time to spend with them :).

Good sharing C, wants and needs, strengths and weakness, likes and dislikes, black or white, post bed or divan, metal or wood, carpet or tiles... these are simple but complex decision one will encounter in a marriage<br />
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lessons learned from my first broken marriage ... and plus never put yourself before others.