I Found My Husband

So this may sound absolutly crazy but i found the man im going to marry. Im only 20 and he is 25. I know we are young but thats not even the shocking part. We only been together 5 months. Our love is like a fairytale. Its the "i want all of you everyday, forever. me and you forever" kind of storybook love. After a month of knowing eachother he told me he was going to marry me and i was having his children. and i let him know that he was wrong. i was marrying him and we were having our children. 
Since i was a little girl i wanted a fairytale fall in love and get married kind of a deal. Just like my grandparents did. They got married when they were in their early 20's after knowing eachother for four months. and they are still married well into there 70's. 
when you have something like that, you feel it straight down to your bones.
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4 Responses Mar 14, 2011

oh geez - only together for 5 months and already getting married - its not gonna last - never does when people decided they wanna marry only after about 5 months - but hey if you believe its gonna last then by all means go for it and the best of luck to you

I totally understand your wanting to get married.. there are sooooo many wonderful things about marriage. Not to mention it is making yourself an honest woman in God's eyes. I must say though while it is not a bad idea to get married and have kids you should really wait a few years. I met my husband when I was 19 he was 25. He was unlike anyone I ever met before (and still is) and he was so different. He made all the right efforts. He payed attention to everything I said and surprised me with things I forgot I mentioned I liked, foot rubs if work was tough, LOVE LETTERS taped to my steering wheel after a long night of work just to say I was all he thought about the whole time I wasn't there...We were intimate ALL THE TIME! It was unreal how perfect things were. So about 2 years into our relationship we got engaged. Life was never better... BUT slowly but surely things kind of started to change the closer we got to our wedding. A sort of cofortability set in. I didn't know what was happening but it was happening whether I liked it or not..lol. He didn't write love letters anymore and kissing in public slowly came to a hault. We got married and things were still great but I noticed more of these great things no longer happening. Then went sex. If you would have asked me two years into our relationship if I thought there would ever come a day we didn't sleep together I would have told you you're crazy, he couldn't keep his hands off of me!! Sure enough though we were barely sleeping together at all. He started going to hang out with his friends more and more (the ones he could care less about anytime I was around before) He even stopped saying I love you before we went to bed. I became extremely devastated and some women thought I was over-reacting but everything was so different to me. He def doesn't cheat, it was more like we were becoming best friends and no longer being boyfriend girlfriendish ya know. Things are a little bit better now, I have talked to him about a lot of things and I understand for him that it's easy to slip into the day to day life and not try so hard, he didnt even notice he was NOT doing those things anymore. So, my point is... Things change! It's so easy to be expectful when eveything is going great but marriage is irreversable and there is something about being stuck with someone elses every decision (good or bad) and having to just deal with it whether you like it or not that tries your relationship. You MUST realize things will change a lot as you go through life together. And kids, make or break relationships also. You could find yourself sitting at home all the time feeling like a slave dog meant only to care for children while he goes out with the guys and not you anymore, or he will let your kids do stuff you never intended on letting them do.. ya know? All kinds of things can try a relationship and its more frustrating knowing your in it for life. So MAKE SURE you will be happy here, best way to do this is to take your time.. I wish I had a little longer. But like I said it's worth doing! It's just more likely to work the longer you've taken to figure each other out WITHOUT the pressure of a commitment.. Good Luck : )

I'm in the same boat you are but without him wanting to marry me. You are so lucky that he feels that way. I'm 21 and I felt like that about him after a couple months. It's been over a year now, he's 26, and he's still not sure. Worst feeling in the world knowing that we aren't on teh same page with that.<br />
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I'm am envious : )

Just make sure he is the one you really want to spend the rest of your life with and having children with, dont rush into getting married let time take its course, hope everything goes well and congrats...take care.