I don't know that this is ever going to happen for me, but it's what everyone wants and expects. Yet if I've only had one boyfriend and that was years ago, and I'm turning 30, what hope is there?
Juli Juli
26-30, F
7 Responses Apr 7, 2007

Have faith! Don't let yourself be pressured. The right one is there for you, an age is just an age. I know the Lord has plans for you.

Juli, I feel the same thing lately. But try to enjoy each day of your life. If things are meant to happen, it surely will... Keep the FAITH & be positive always!

I think it's you!<br />
You don't believe in you !<br />
Before Nyone loves you , you must love you ...<br />
What you see when you look in the mirror , that's what others will see!<br />
Take time in doing for yourself <br />
So when you look in fhT mirror you feel gorgeous that's what others see<br />
Do things thT make you happy <br />
That happiness you feel is Attractive!<br />
Trust me pkease .... StArt there!

Quit looking so hard. Let love find you. I wanted to be in a relationship sooo bad, and then when I got in one I was miserable. I was single and happy, and a relationship fell in my lap, then it worked. I wish you the best. :)

im single nad searching for a real down to earth ohnest woman

Balderdash. There are LOADS of great guys out there. You just need to find one for you. Where have you looked before? Change it up. Have you done Vol work at your local hosp? how about at the Red Cross, Library, Your political party? There are all kinds of opportunities - Just pick one or two and Do it.

Based on my experience, I wouldn't bother looking. They break your spirit and heart.