I Want It Happen Now

I am alone ... and haven't been in relationship since last 4 years....now I really need someone in my life and I'm tired of being alone... I don't know why it has become very difficult for me to find someone like-minded and interesting. I don't have very strict criteria and I am myself not very complicated. Last year I tried a lot to find someone for me... I met some people but nothing worked for me... I want to settle down with someone. I don't know why it's all taking too much time................. i am alone alone and alone............... :((
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Don't be in a hurry, and don't settle for less than you deserve. Being alone for a while will give you a better chance to find yourself, and learn what you really need in a man.

Thank you... These feelings just come and go ... never last for long.... I am concentrating on my new work and on my new plans of moving to a new place.... But when I am alone I feel the need of having someone special. I am fine alone and I'm happy. :))

I found all my friends rhT did this found a good guy, well not perfect <br />
Have to accept a couple flaws but they R happy !<br />
A mN wants an independent woman <br />
Not needy and that has her own life. And interest .......<br />
WonN fe x tokze their identity in a relationship, I know I did until my last I found I don't have to cling or give up my life and this relationship has worked ..


People smell "desperate" a mile away. You need to relax and be comfortable with you are and enjoy life without a man before you can attract one you WANT and not NEED.

It's not .. Don't waste your time thinking it's taking too much time !<br />
See that's wSted time ! You know I think what attracted my husband to ne was that I was happy and independent and sure of myself !<br />
It drove him crZy that I didn't say yes yes! A single mom with 4 kids <br />
I thought would bd hard to find. <br />
Right?? Bullshit! Because when a man falls for you they will carry all your luggage !!!!!!!<br />
Find hAppiness in you shine <br />
I am far from gorgeous! I felt pretty smart and happy that's what he saw<br />
People see what you feel

thank you i said it because now i feel lonely.... i will follow your advice :))

Stop looking! When I divorced my 2nd husbAnd I decided forget this I hVd bad choices in men I just pick the wrong ones I was about your age I had 4 Kids one that wSnt mine <br />
One of my daughters friends mom was on drugs and threw her out I picked her up and took her in , I decided I sm going to work hard <br />
And enjoy my kids no men! Well needless to say soon enough I net one I told him no relationship we cN go out hVe sex you Re nit visiting Ny house you Wilmington h d nothing to do with my kids just u and I occasional! Well it's long story <br />
But we dated for 2 yeArs and he convinced me hd was worth the chance... He has been he grows ne raised all Ny kids plus an addition of two of his own the love each other and jeep in touch with eCh other bever sY step anything and they are all grown one left at hum the bAby 13 .. One is famous for parkour akwYs on tv, one is a nurse the one that was nit ours moved to NY afraid to tell us she is gay , we didn't care, one married no school but an auto tech one in school for emt... And we are still happily mRried ... So let him come to you <br />
God will put him in your pAth when things are suppose to hPoe. Not when you wNt!

thank you for your comment. Nice to hear about you and your soulmate... I have stopped looking long time ago it was my first and last attempt last year to look for my match but I feel God has planned something else for me. Now I am only waiting for a change in my life... I need a change .. a positive change... I dont know why things are taking too much time ...

Geez....I'm 48. THought I found mine a couple of times, but not. SO TIRED of not having a partner to share things with.

You're still SO YOUNG. How can you be this negative about it already? Even if I'd been asked again in my 20s, I would NOT have gotten married until my late 20s or in my 30s. Many men are MUCH too squirrely in their 20s!