Wait For An Ideal Wedding.

I have a cute boyfriend now who loves me so much. He would take the handbag for me all the time whenever shopping or having a wolk. But we just graduated from college, so we don't have money to prepare for our marriege, cause we don't want our parents' help. So, it will be a long journey from our wedding. So sad.
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You are already going sown the wrong path. You say ideal. You are looking for something that you won't get because no marriage or wedding is ideal. You are probably one of those women who magically expect the husband to provide everything. Do him a favor and don't get married, give him the chance to find out what he's in for...so he can run!!

I know he is in big pressure, bus so do I. Life is just like that?

Why is t so sad? I mean why rush? enjoy each other meanwhile is what's important. <br />
<br />
2 weekends ago, we had that bride taking pictures after her ceremony next to a river, she fell and water stream made that her dress became toooooo heavy under water and she drown. I mean she had just said I do.....so things do happen for a reason and having fun at your age should be priority and some fun you can have without spending $$$ you'de be surprised

Life is just like that. We need to think about spending, better life, ect. We would have a happy and relax life just in countryside instead of a country if our parents allowed.

How can you predict such? how can you be 100% certain that is how it was gonna be? And what does your parents have to do in your adult lives? I'm getting confused here...

I mean, I wanna to live a happy and relax life in a countryside not the country instead. Without thinking the pay, the income, many others. But my parents forbid so.

they refuse cuz you'll be too far away from them?

yes, i know, but i am so tired of the country life, so busy all day. don't u think so?

I left a city that was too noisy and crowded via a suburb

really? so, you are in the suburb now? what about ur family and ur friends?

I’m 20 minutes from my family and friend opposite directions. It’s ok to think family and friends but when on some life project or whatever concerning me, I go family and friends are still here and with today’s media how can we lose touch?

you are so lucky.

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hopefully something will happen so you can get married and live a happy life together, I will pray for you

"hopefully something will happen". I like it. Wish it's true.

dreams to come true dear I met you didn't I