Married Too Young

I am amazed by the amount of young girls on here who want to be married. I feel like marriage is overly romanticized in the movies and the press. Let me just share with you my experience, because I too was just like you all, I desperately wanted to be married and have a family.

When I was 14 I met my future husband through a group of friends. He was nearly two years older than I was, and he had a car, so I thought the sun rose and sat in his direction. We instantly fell in love and were inseparable. Fast forward a year later, he was graduating from school and I was still just a sophomore. We swore we would make it work, so when he left for basic I was crushed. I was so in love with him I had nothing to look forward to but a letter in the mail. He was gone for nearly three months, and we had fallen apart. We broke up two weeks before he was to return home. I loved him still, but I found out that he had been unfaithful to me three months prior, and I needed to discover who I was without him.

When he returned we reconciled in a physical manor, but we weren't back together because he had to return for more training, and then was directly stationed across seas. I was 17 and about to start my senior year. I was finally finding myself. I found out I was pregnant a week after he left. I decided to keep it a secret from him for a couple of months, I only told my two closest friends and my mother. I had no idea what to do. Then one day he called me and the only thing he said was "is it true?" I told him it was, and that I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue the pregnancy. He begged me not to terminate and we decided to get back together.

One month later on Christmas eve he proposed via web cam. He had bought a ring and sent it to his mother. It was the happiest day of my life. We were going to be a family. Everything after that point was pretty fast. In three months we were to be wed. Exactly a month before my due date. Finally the day arrived. He was on leave for only two weeks. We wed, had a beautiful reception, and then it all went to hell. His mother made a huge scene and said we were both dead to her. She threw all of his stuff out and said that my son and I would never be her family. My son was born 9 days later, three weeks early, because his fluid was dangerously low. No one in his family came.

Then he had to go, again. We tearfully said goodbye as he boarded the plane. I remember that day like I was outside my body watching. I stood in the terminal holding my newborn son just bawling. Then he was gone, and I just stood there. I couldn't move. I felt like I had been kicked in the stomach again and again. That was the last time we would be together as a family.

When he returned to his station he forgot about us. The phone calls became fewer. The Skype calls nonexistent. And the bank accounts bare. I came to find that he had been seeing a local ******** and blowing all our money on alcohol and ***** clubs. He told me that he wasn't ready to be a husband or a father and he wanted out. So I did what I had to do for myself and my son, I moved on. I filed for divorce and sole custody. I finished my last semester of school and got a job. The next time he came home was my son's first Christmas, and he never even called. He brought his ******** girlfriend home with him.

The moral of my story: you are so young, so full of life, don't get tied into a fairy tale that doesn't exist. I was married with a child before my senior prom. No matter how much you think you know and trust someone, they change.
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me too

Guess it goes both ways.

We married very young even for 1961, and we never felt sorry for the choices we made then
and yes we are no long with each other but that is because death took her at 19
think of the love we would have lost we had not married at 13 but also no one supported us. We paid our own way we knew we would never have a child, and we did try to adopt a child at age 17 but were turned down only due to our ages.

Even our home was our free and clear as wells as our bikes and cars.