I Want To Be Married But....

I can't seem to find mister right. I am starting to give up on the possibility of having a normal relationship with a man. I have been in the adult entertainment business for over 15 years, which is way longer then i wanted to be in the business. After 8 engagements and several failed relationships I am about to give up. I want kids with my husband, but I think I will have a husband. I think for the sake of time I may have to go to a ***** bank.
I find it interesting that man woman find a man and he takes care of him and provides for them and the kids. All them men I run into seem to be selfish, don't want to be a provider and always complaining about pay for something. Everything cost and I feel if I am going to be your wife you should be a good provider. The other issue is that maybe the guy was nice and has been burned by too man selfish women. i realize it goes both ways, why should I pay for another womans bad attitude. I think that is just a way for them to be selfish and not do for me. Anyway I am tired and frustrated.
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All of my engagements where true love.

Finding mister right is difficult. I've been married to missus good enough for 25 years and have a fine daughter. Sometimes you settle for what you can get. Good luck!

I feel for you sexxydiva9... im 30 & once got engaged w/my first bf/ my ex fiance ( 6 yrs. ago ) . now I am w/my second guy for almost 3 yrs now. I know it is tough. TRUST issue is always been considered. I know I was been badly hurt & my aborted wedding was a very traumatic experience for me. I admit many times I got doubts w/my bf now that always led to our misunderstandings ( esp. that we're in LDR ). But lately I realized, CHANGE for the better may happen if we really want it. & I realized we need to see the positive sides & not to focus on the negative ones. Maybe you've been into 8 failed engagements because none of them you see is the right one for you. For me there is no such PERFECT ONE, thus we need to go with the flow in life. I am too perfectionist in everything that even my bf, I didn't noticed I am trying to control him & w/c is very wrong. Yes you're right, a good man/ a good partner must be a good provider. That's also my issue w/my bf. But if you both truely love each other, you will find time to talk, listen & try to resolve things. I hope & pray you can find the guy you've been looking for. Just keep the FAITH & always be positive. Don't be afraid to get hurt as many times you will... 'coz at the end, it will all be worth it...

You could freeze your eggs. You've got lots of time still. I'm 48 and have missed the baby boat entirely - no husband, but I only want a GOOD companion, not just any companion. Eight engagements? How many of them were real matches and real love?