He's All I've Ever Wanted and More

i only ever wanted someone to appreciate me and my values and someone to love me and be loved by me, this guy is everything i could ever wish for and more.

yeah he's done something most people could never forgive (slept with someone when we first started dating on a drunken night out and now has a child with her, my mate) but i know he hasn't done it in malice he is not your everyday jack the lad who causes trouble.

he proposed to me in our flat on march 5th 2007.

after meeting my parents earlier and asking if he could ask me my parents were delighted and said "yeah, how much do you want to take her off our hands?" that is the humour of my family.

we went home after i finished work and he got down on one knee in our front room and asked me i cried like most people and said yes.

he then pulled the bottle of champagne from behind his back and we cracked it open celebrating our engagement.

in style we held a party in our local pub which went down a treat.

carla2503 carla2503
22-25, F
Jun 14, 2007