Depressed And Lonely Again

I'm 25 - living with my parent again after losing my job. Just doing temp secretarial work. Don't really know anyone back home. Don't have a boyfriend and find it hard to keep relationships, probably because I'm still a virgin and don't do sex before marriage.
So on Friday night I'm sitting upstairs with my laptop...replying to questions on EP and dreaming that my life will change - someeone will eventually sweep me off my feet, walk me down the aisle ad say I do and even get pregnant on my wedding night.
Sure it will never happen though.
Back to reality - Mum has just come up 'shall I get your hot water bottle ready dear?'
warm bed - but cold inside still
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i am a pakistani gay guy from well off and well educated family. i study in uk and i am looking for a marriage of convenience(moc) and it does'nt matter if the girl is lesbian or straight or bisexual. i am ready and able to support the girl financially after marriage and give her respect and love and we could be best friends. i dont mind if she has a girl friend or she is single i will give her enough liberty and space and i expect the same from her because i want both of us to be a happy couple:) we both can relocate to any location if needed or if any of us want so....I am doing this for the happiness of my family and more importantly to maintain my family's honor in the community. It is imperative that the girl also abides by the same values and keep my family's honor as well as her family's honor intact. email me at or add me on skype my skype id is studgr8

Your doing such a good thing. Keep your head up. Your prince charming is out there waiting for you.

You are not alone on this, lots of girls like us. I feel the same way too, but it does make it better knowing that there are people who understand you. Cheer up. :)

Just wait. Better to be single now than being in a relationship right away with the wrong guy and you'll surely regret it after. If you give up your virginity, you can never get it back. Always think of that ;)

thank you for being there

You're always welcome :)
Just be contented with what you have now. A lot of girls want their virginity back but they cant. My point is, If I want to be a sl^t, I can lose it right away but if I want to be pure again, I cant have it no matter what I do :)

Why so negative about things?

Stick to your principles...the right guy won't have a problem with accepting those.

Thanks for support. But it just doesnt seem to work this way. If i had slept around at college like most people my life would hsve been different. Men dont even seem to bother whether their bride is pure or not

If you had slept around at college your life might have been different but not better. The right kind of guy for you wouldn't want you to have had a few meaningless one night stands, would he?

I hope not but im not so sure anymore

It will happen for you...stck with it and stay strong

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