I Want to Belong to Someone...

I want to belong to my boyfriend in a lawful, in God's eyes kind of way.  He was officially divorced in the very beginning of December.  We have been dating since 10/25/06...I wasn't the other woman, lol. They were already separated & filed or whatever when i met him.

So, we've been together for 8 months now. We live together & have two dogs. I know he loves me & I know he's not ready for marriage yet. But I sooo am. I want...I don't know why I want it so badly. I guess I feel old & I want to him to belong to me only.  Plus I just want to feel like I've accomplished something. In this case if he married me it would be a sort of, "well, he loved me enough to marry me so I've accomplished love. someone likes me. my life is validated bc he loves me enough to make me his other half." 

I do already have this sense of accomplishment somewhat...He is seriously, mega, super, way picky. He is very selective about who he thinks is hot. He picked ME to date bc he thought I was hot. That's awesome. Don't get me wrong. I could have said no. But you know, he's waaay cute too. We would make beautiful babies, lol.

Really, I just love him. I want us to belong to one another. I want to be his Mrs. & take care of him every day. Quite frankly, I want to be the little woman. I LIKE taking care of my man. And thankfully, I found a man that likes taking care of me as well. I never go w/o. My car is always maintained. He helps me get out of the house bc he is super outgoing. I'm not. I'd be perfectly happy at home all the time....ok, that's enough...i sound bad, I'm afraid. That's not the case, I swear.
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I am honest man, i am principled, loving caring and I know how to treat a lady for whom they are. I love transparency. I am here because I am looking for a serious relationship that can lead to marriage. I need a woman who is understanding, caring, romantic and loving. She may not be charmingly beautiful, but attitudes and character and being industrious describes a good example of a perfect lady.

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still single here

Did you guys ever get married?

You sound way too eager and a piece of paper stops NO1 from straying. I'd be worried about his brain than a "marriage' :)

I hardly think being hot and having beautiful babies is enough to consider this real love. You sound extremely superficial about the whole relationship. Give this the time it deserves. Go through some life experiences and see how you both hold up to it.<br />
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Marriage is important for a reason, it is not ownership. I think you believe you need this validation because he just got out of a marriage but 8 months is not enough time, as much as you would like it to be. He's in your life and he loves you, that should be enough while your relationship grows.

wondering how old you are? it sounds like you are about 16, in life no one owns anyone less alone owns you. as for happiness it is yours to make in your life with yourself others only add to your happiness as for looking good and being hot... that shouldnt be important. all thing change as we age... so think that beauty is within...

Man you really value yourself through the eyes of others and especially men huh? Don't forget its a slave-free country so no one can actually own anyone... you will always be a free you if you need or decide to! I hope you will find happiness, and that this man is just a bonus in your life (not the center of your entire existance). Take good care of yourself! ^^

I understand you so much! My b/f and I have been together for a yr and both are finalizing our divorces in the next 2 mos. We both want to get married to each other and know this is our life partner. But with failed marriages under our belt, we are in no rush. We are just enjoying living together and loving each other. It will come in time, if its meant to be. As hard as it is, have some patience! :)

Stop being so selfish and do not rush him. He is divorced for a reason. Enjoy each others company for a couple of years and then see if you feel the same way....

Hey RedHolly looks like the system paired us or something. I wrote aboy a weird dream I had months ago and I just got an email saying, I had a friend... Whats up girl? looks like you have so stuff going on in your life- who doesnt right... email me at kissysval@yahoo.com- if u want