I Always Thought It Would Happen

I want to be married and share that connection that only comes when 2 people make that ultimate commitment.  Almost married a few times...and yet I either backed out or he did.  I hope it's never too late, because I'm 66, attractive female...and was just at a restaurant where a wedding group held the reception and the bride was getting married for the first time in her 60's.  Maybe that's a 'sign' it can still happen.  Anyone else out there who can identify?  Much as I don't like to admit this, I feel I haven't really lived because I've never made that commitment nor have had children.  Yet, I've done a lot of things in life....I think I must concentrate on this and do what they say...make it like a job and get out there...and also do the things that interest me and that's when you meet someone with similar interests.
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me too ~~~

Thanks for your comments. I do think part of the issue right now is that I don't follow through wholeheartedly...or I haven't met the right guy yet. Lots of opportunities, especially with internet dating. Glad you are with someone and your choice is not to marry....I just wish to know that someone cares enough to make that commitment. The man who said I was the love of his life, when I backed out of a marriage at 19 and again at 31...yes, he cared enough...I just didn't love him then....and now he's deceased....I probably could make it with him now that I've matured. Oh well. Lots of fish in the sea and your advice..be open to a relationship and know in my heart I'll meet someone is wonderful advice and one I'll follow right now. Thanks !

No, it is never too late and your idea about getting out there and doing things you enjoy, which will help you meet other people who enjoy the same things, is a good one.<br />
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However, try not to feel as if you haven't lived just because you've never been married. I was married once, we were together from the time I was 17 until right before my 30th birthday. I've lived more in the last 15 years than I did back then. I think women are biologically, and societally, wired to feel as if they are missing out if they haven't produced children.<br />
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I've been in a good, healthy relationship for 3 1/2 years with no intention of getting married. We do intend to share the rest of our lives, but neither of us feels the need to marry.<br />
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If you are open to a relationship, and know in your heart you will meet someone, you will.