In Two Days I Will Propose

I love my girlfriend, she's my best friend, and the most wonderful person I have ever met.  We have built our relationship to the point that we trust each other completely.  We have an amazing connection.   We have talked about marriage and its what we both want. She even knows the day I'm going to propose. But she hasn't seen the ring. I had it made for her.  She loves a particular gemstone, and  I had a ring made with that gemstone.  It has little diamonds all around it.  I know shes going to love it.  But what matters more than rings and things, is that we are perfect for each other.  We just fit.  What we believe and hope for in our lives is the same.  What we want, and how we think, and talk, and communicate, it all just fits.  Who knew relationships could work like this?

We've been through the initial flurry, and the steady and calm, and through personal difficulty, and we have just grown stronger and stronger and closer to each other.  We share a bedrock belief in each other and in God, and together I believe we will have a love that lasts for a lifetime. 

froggyw froggyw
Mar 1, 2009